Norfolk Roots

Our location in rural Norfolk is close to Worsted, the home of the World reknowned famous cloth.

We started in men's tailoring several decades ago in our home city of Norwich, at one of the then premier tailors, Greens of Norwich, before moving on to London, and back to our roots in Norwich.

The Bespoke Suit



You will experience the thrill of selecting the cloth pattern, colour, weight, style, and best of all know that it is unique and styled just for you.  Hand cut and made to your personal specification.


historical image of tailor

There is never going to be another one quite like it anywhere in the World. a bespoke suit is more than a mere fashion item: it is a one off, a true original.

Bespoke Hand Cut Tailoring?

In our modern world of computerisation and robotics it will be difficult for the more youthful of this and future generations to realize that less than 175 years ago all suits and other garments were made entirely by hand, before the sewing machine was invented in America in 1848 and not introduced to this country until 1850. Up to this point all suits were bespoke.

The sewing machines introduction started the ‘ready to wear’ revolution of the ‘off the peg’ mass market of clothes. Suits hand cut and made for the customer to their specification and unique measure are truly bespoke. Most ready to wear and many suits claimed to be ‘made to measure’ are computer cut and robotically sewn.

Hand cut bespoke tailoring along with architecture, and cave drawings may well claim first place in the list of arts that have been practised. Men in prehistoric times used animal skins to keep warm and these must have been adapted in some way for comfort and this could be considered the birth of tailoring.

When, in 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England, he brought with him one William Baldwin, a tailor, it is to him that title of ‘Father of English Tailoring’ falls. The Normans brought a more elaborate style of dress. The Saxons wore a close tunic and long mantle coat or cloak, the Normans wore long lose doublet, covered by a cloak of lesser dimensions decorated with fur, embroidery and jewellery.

The brothers Corbyn arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066 as listed in the Doomsday book, settling in London and Norfolk. Past history records show that a Corbyn was a tailor during the 16th century.

Much of the above can be attributed to THEO. R HEWITT O.B.E., Past secretary to The National Federation of Merchant Tailors Inc. 1946.


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